plyon® Slider Sensor


The PFL-10023, also refered as plyon® Slider is a force sensing potentiometer from the plyon® flex family. It allows you to know precisely where the force is applied on the sensor. It is often used for applications where capacitive sensors like touchscreens are not ideal (activation while wearing gloves for instance). It is also great for applications where the user needs to switch between different modes. It comes with a 3 Position FFC Connector Header.

  • Sensing Area: 10 x 50 mm
  • Module Size 18 x 58 mm
  • Max. measurable force: 75 N (the maximum measurable force is achieved by activating the entire taxel, i.e. the sensing area)
  • Sensing modalities: close proximity, touch, force and position
  • True zero readout under bending (curvature radius: 5mm)

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The plyon® Slider Sensor is also available in our plyon® Innovation Kit.

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