The Integrated plyon® Module

The integrated plyon® module is a solution designed by tacterion, allowing to convert any object operated by hand into a smart device.

​IPM™ was primarily designed for power tools, where the solution adds an extra layer of safety. It prevents the tool from being used improperly. IPM™ can also be used in electrically-powered-products (e.g. e-bikes, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers). Using IPM™ allows to create new, more intuitive interaction concepts. 

IPM™ helps to improve ergonomics or optimize fleet management by processing data about handling and usage, converting products into smart devices. Learn from relevant data directly at their source: the hands of the end-users.

IPM™ is designed to simplify assembly processes. It can be provided as a customized sensor or as a turnkey solution including flexible sensor with multiple sensing areas,  cover plate and electronics all in one module. It can then be placed between injection molded parts and easily be clipped in. 

Intuitive and precise interactions

Two-hand use detection

Zip-tie abuse prevention