Touch and force sensitivity for almost any surface.

plyon is our innovative touch and force sensing technology: both its flexibility and stretchability make it unique. Contrary to other touch and force sensors, it can be bent without resulting in unwanted readouts. plyon is ideal for curved surfaces and applications that require bent sensors.

Additionally, plyon is extremely robust and can be produced in different shapes and sizes to adapt to different designs and applications.


tacterion has acquired funding in 2021 by two worldwide leading premium brands.

The billion-Euro revenue companies are tacterion’s customers and collaborate with us in defined fields of business to create cutting-edge products using tacterion’s sensor technology as well as to create the leading tactile sensing company. One of the investors is Miele, the world's leading manufacturer of premium domestic appliances, represented through Miele Venture Capital GmbH.

plyon sensors provide capacitive and resistive readouts to measure touch and force simultaneously.

plyon sensors are made of a stretchable silicone-based sensing layer. By combining this material with our know-how in the field of printed electronics, we produce a thin sensor that can be flexed (and soon also stretched).


plyon® flex

Made to meet industrial standards while being highly customizable, our plyon flex technology is directly available for purchase from our webshop where you will find standard sensors that were designed together with our existing customers. These sensors are just examples of what we can do. It is the best and easier way to make your first steps in the world of flexible touch and force applications.


Supporting the most challenging integration projects.

Besides providing the plyon sensor technology, we are specialized in developing the ideal integration concept for your desired application.

We have been integrating our sensors in different applications for various industries such as power tools, robotics, automotive, and consumer electronics. Notably, we provide our integrated plyon module IPM™, which allows anyone to convert any object operated by hand into a smart device. The perfect starting point for your integration challenges and aftermarket adjustments.


Made with plyon® inside

Giving robots a sense of touch

"taroki", for "tactile robotics kit", is an accessory for any robotic gripper that instantly enhances robots by giving them a sense of touch. It provides valuable data on the nature of a grip, so that robots can be programmed to react to unexpected changes in the grip condition such as slippage and object orientation. Maintaining a high degree of productivity by assuring safe operations even with uneven or hard to control circumstances.


Made with plyon® inside

fidu, tacterion’s smart device, saving children’s lives.

fidu is an IoT product that can be installed in any child car seat. It alerts the driver of the vehicle if the child is exposed to a risk of heat stroke, because it has been left unattended in the vehicle.

Made of premium fabric and working with the latest plyon technology, it is connected to a user-friendly app used by numerous parents in Italy.


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