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End-to-End solution for the digitization of tactile interaction

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tacterion develops smart surface solutions to enable the next generation of interactive and responsive products. We create the tactile internet of the future by bringing the sense of touch to products.

Our sensor technology plyon® flex is the basis of tactile digitization. plyon® flex combines resistive and capacitive sensing principles, enabling proximity, touch and force measurement in one layer. It is highly flexible and can be integrated in curved surfaces and applications that bend during operation. Showing unique technological advantages, the tacterion sensor platform is the basis for smart products.

At tacterion, we don't just provide sensors, but we provide fully integrated end-to-end
tactile sensing solutions for our customers:

An intelligent worker assistance wearable
for manual assembly processes
by tacterion


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tacterion was founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Since 2015 we are specializing in production scale up and technology commercialization, to make our novel technology available to a broad audience of customers.  

tacterion has closed a Series A in 2021. The company is now backed by two global premium brands. Together, we set the sails to create the leading tactile sensing company.  

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