A modular sensor platform.

Thin, flexible and lightweight. To give products and robots the modality of deep haptic sensation. A new medium for intuitive interactions and detailed system maintenance. Initially developed for human-machine-interactions in space travel. Also, to be understood as artificial skin. It can open up entirely new possibilities in a vast quantity of applications.

taroki gives robots the sense of touch

The T-800 taroki Sensor Kit for Robotic Grippers is the best option to start or extend your tactile automation applications. Create automation programs by measuring the pattern and intensity of force concentrations and tilting angles. Gain new insights into your gripping process to increase reliability and productivity. Be inspired by industry use cases and get direct support from our developers. Join the tactile robotics movement now!


Truly intuitive and safe interactions with power tools.

By utilizing our sensor platform in the field of power tools, they can precisely detect force directions and intensities. Through our force analysis algorithm we can thus amplify thrust and pull actions with high precision. Allowing the user to handle power tools as a truely natural extension to their initial capabilities. By defining and measuring the users' presence and identity, we make the usage of power tools even safer.