Our modular sensor platform enables new ways of interaction and force tracking, by adding a combination of intelligent layers.

Our modular sensor platform, enabling new ways of interaction and force tracking by adding a combination of intelligent layers.

Building touch and force sensitive sensor modules, by combining customized layers.

Core Features


Mapping capacitive and resistive functionality onto almost any surface geometries allows development engineers to realize highly responsive and unique interactions.

True Zero

A unique material composition enables a continuous and interference free sensing functionality, even during deformation.

& Modularity

Based on our platform principle, our sensor modules can be customized, combined and scaled efficiently, both in functionality and size.

Long Lasting
& Non-Rigid

The absence of mechanical and rigid components makes our sensor modules impact proof and long lasting.


We develop highly innovative solutions in the field of touch interaction. Enabled by independently scaled and modified sensor layouts.

Based on custom layouts we ensure a seamless sensor integration, even in curved objects.

Our Platform Service

Utilizing our innovative material composition leads to a modular sensor system. Therefore we utilize our own platform service, ensuring the optimal sensor solution for every project and use case.