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Augmenting Human Potential in Manufacturing with Tactile Sensors

#industry4.0 #ai #robotics #manufacturing #deeptech #sensors #augmentation #hmi #iot #wearables

The history of manufacturing has been marked by automation, where machines replicate human labor on a massive scale. However, automation alone does not represent the full potential for progress. Augmentation, the use of technology to enhance how workers do their jobs, has emerged as a complementary approach to automation. By integrating assistive technologies seamlessly into the work environment, augmentation empowers workers to be more efficient, safe, and precise. As we embrace Industry 4.0 and witness the rise of new digital technologies, it becomes clear that the future of manufacturing lies in augmentation.

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New commercial director Andreas Hoffmann strengthens tacterion’s management team

After the successful development work in the early years of tacterion, co-founder Daniel Strohmayr is now handing over the commercial management...

#newmanagement #sensors #skillflow

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TE Connectivity and tacterion partner to revolutionize smart connector solutions

TE Connectivity (TE), a global leader in connectivity and sensors, has entered into a strategic partnership with tacterion, a pioneering tactile sensing company based in Munich...

#Partnership #collaboration #Industry 4.0

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Agade chooses tacterion`s plyon® force sensors to integrate the patented hybrid motion agadexo exoskeleton

The AGADEXO Shoulder is a semi-active exoskeleton for workers, which improves ergonomics by reducing stress on the shoulders during picking tasks...

#Sensor #Hardware #Wearable

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Technical Definition, examples & Sensors


Tactile sensing technology replicates the capabilities of human skin, namely biological cutaneous touch. It enables artificial ...

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Resistive sensing is one of the most fundamental and simple techniques for transforming forces of the physical world into electrical signals. Therefore, it is one of ...

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Capacitive sensors are mostly known for their usage in interfaces for consumer products such as mobile phones. This technology has ...

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