Electronics included in Sensor development kit available in sensor shop

1x D01 - Experience board

2x plyon® Square

2x plyon® Medium

1x plyon® Stripe

1x plyon® Slider

1x plyon® Array with ZIF adapter board

15x Jumper wires

1x Micro-USB cable

One hour of support

€ 319.00 EUR
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readout electronics with integrated visual feedback
hybrid force compensation (HFC™)
dedicated proximity channel
3 operating modes: standalone, data stream, prototype

plyon® flex development kit


Developed to discover the full range of our newest innovations, including our revolutionizing 2nd generation standardized plyon®sensor modules and readout electronics.

With five different plyon® sensor formats and types, you're prepared for all challenges. Use the new experimental proximity feature to wake up your product from sleep or monitor your application under static and heavy load using HFC™ (hybrid force compensation), our drift-free readout technology.

In addition, our onboard control panel allows you to instantly adjust the sensor sensitivity to your needs. The new readout electronics offers three different operating modes, which let to quickly evaluate, test and prototype your applications. 


The plyon® platform is a capacitive-resistive, touch and force sensor based on a versatile layered architecture. It is a new approach to how physically and functionally unique sensor modules can be designed, produced, and integrated.

1. Capacitive Proximity

2. Adjustable Reference Resistor

3. Minimal Drift Readout: HFC™

4. Prototyping Made Easy

5. Resistive Sliding

Adjustable Reference Resistor

The resistor potentiometer on the D01 enables the user to modify the onboard reference resistor between 0-20kΩ. This will significantly change the sensor’s characteristics with regards to how much onset force will be needed and how quickly the sensor is saturating.


Minimal Drift Readout: HFC™

Switch between resistive and HFC™ readout directly on the board. Experience the full potential of a resistive-capacitive hybrid readout and how it affects onset force, drift and TrueZero™.

Resistive Sliding

Next to single taxel sensors like the Square, Stripe or Medium the kit offers a dedicated pin header for the resistive Slider. Combined with low friction surface materials resistive sliding with low interaction forces can be achieved.

Capacitive Proximity

Connect different sensor layouts to the dedicated proximity channels and experience the impact of sensor size and layout on the proximity distance. The respective sweet spot can be found utilizing the Proximity distance potentiometer on the D01 board.

Prototyping Made Easy

The D01 provides a prototyping interface to quickly build entire solution prototypes with an extended set of sensors and actuators, relying on globally available hardware from e.g. Arduino or Raspberry Pi.


The „standalone“ mode of the plyon® flex development kit allows direct onboard interaction without having to connect additional hardware or installation of readout software.

For streaming the preprocessed data from the plyon® Development Kit all it takes is a Windows or Mac OS based Computer that can host an external Micro USB device.

plyon® Development Kit provides a prototyping interface to quickly build entire solution prototypes with an extended set of sensors and actuators, relying on globally available hardware from e.g. Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

D01 - Experience board x 1
plyon® Square x 2
plyon® Medium x 2
plyon® Stripe x 1
plyon® Array with ZIF adapter board x 1
plyon® Slider x 1
Jumper wires x 15
Micro-USB cable x 1
One hour of support
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Readout electronics pcb for plyon® flex tactile sensor development kit
Physical Properties
Mechanical Dimensions
D01 Board: 117 x 70 x 20 mm | Sensor size: check datasheet
Power Supply
USB mirco
Terminal / Sensor Connector
2.54 mm Pin Receptacle
Adjustable Reference Resistor
0 - 20k Ω
Communication Interfaces
USB (CDC/Virtual COM Port), UART, 10 Pin
Adjustable Proximity Distance
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