Electronics included in Sensor development kit available in sensor shop

1x D01 - Experience board

2x plyon® Square

2x plyon® Medium

1x plyon® Stripe

1x plyon® Slider

1x plyon® Array with ZIF adapter board

15x Jumper wires

1x Micro-USB cable

One hour of support

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  • readout electronics with integrated visual feedback
  • hybrid force compensation (HFC™)
  • dedicated proximity channel
  • 3 operating modes: standalone, data stream, prototype
Experience new features like HFC™ (hybrid force compensation) to minimize drift in static load environments or proximity detection to make your products recognize users even before they touch the surface. The kit supports 3 different operation modes – standalone, data stream and prototype.

Whether you want to get a feel for force ranges and sensitivity utilizing a quick tabletop mockup, detailed raw signal data streams or advanced prototype setups the plyon® flex development kit offers a straightforward solution.

Onboard switches allow for a quick alternation of readout modes or alteration of readout characteristics to foster the understanding of how the sensor performance can be precisely tailored to your needs. Experience now how plyon® force sensors, readout hardware and firmware intelligence are linked together in order to provide the best possible product experience.


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The plyon® platform is a capacitive-resistive, touch and force sensor based on a versatile layered architecture. It is a new approach to how physically and functionally unique sensor modules can be designed, produced, and integrated.

Flexibility with TrueZero™

Resistive Sliding

Capacitive Proximity

Adjustable Reference Resistor

Minimal Drift Readout: HFC™

Prototyping Made Easy

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Physical Properties
Mechanical Dimensions
D01 Board: 117 x 70 x 20 mm | Sensor size: check datasheet
Power Supply
USB mirco
Terminal / Sensor Connector
2.54 mm Pin Receptacle
Adjustable Reference Resistor
0 - 20k Ω
Communication Interfaces
USB (CDC/Virtual COM Port), UART, 10 Pin
Adjustable Proximity Distance
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