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plyon® Array Sensor


A multi-touch-sensor from the plyon® flex family. It allows you to enable multi-touch-interactions on flat and curved objects.

  • Flexible sensor with TrueZero™ readout under bending
  • 4 sensing areas: 10 x 10 mm each
  • Module size: 18 x 58 x 0.5 mm
  • Force Measurement range:[0.5, 15] N/cm²
  • Sensing modalities: multi touch, multi force
  • Connector: Exposed flex tail 1 mm pitch
  • Available in plyon®Innovation kit
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Quickstart guide & Datasheet Download

It is for instance used for applications where a tool needs to be configured by pressing different taxels at once. It can also be used as a matrix taxel to taxel slider-element. It comes with a 9 position flex tail.