TE Connectivity and tacterion partner to revolutionize smart connector solutions

TE Connectivity (TE), a global leader in connectivity and sensors, has entered into a strategic partnership with tacterion, a pioneering tactile sensing company based in Munich. This collaboration aims to leverage tacterion's innovative sensor technology to develop smart touch and force sensor solutions...

TE Connectivity

June 22, 2023

Revolutionizing Connectivity with tacterion's plyon® Sensor Technology

tacterion has garnered attention for its patented bendable and stretchable proximity, touch, and force sensor technology known as plyon®. These sensors possess remarkable flexibility, robustness, and high signal integrity, even when bent or used on curved surfaces. With an overall thickness of only 0.5 to 0.7mm and the ability to achieve a bending radius as small as 1.0cm, plyon® sensors maintain their full measurement range, making them ideal for various applications. Additionally, these sensors exhibit outstanding durability, resistance to static loads, and nearly drift-free readout over time, ensuring reliability in demanding industrial environments.

Enhancing TE Connectivity Products

TE will integrate tacterion's flexible plyon® sensor technology to augment its product offerings, including TE Intercontec connectors. These connectors, widely utilized in servo motors, robots, and machines, will be further enhanced by the addition of tacterion's sensor technology. By continuously monitoring the condition of the connectors, these smart solutions can identify malfunctions such as deviations or open connectors, providing valuable data to higher-level monitoring systems. The integration of tacterion's sensors into TE's connectors empowers customers to reduce costs and minimize machine downtime through predictive maintenance.

Expanding Availability and Driving Digitization

tacterion's sensor products will not only be integrated into TE's offerings but will also be made available through TE distribution partners and the TE website. This expanded availability ensures that customers have easy access to the transformative benefits of plyon® technology across different industries. The partnership between TE and tacterion aims to bring intelligence and cost-saving potential to the production floor, facilitating the true digitization of Industry 4.0.

Enthusiasm and Vision from the CEOs

Alex Megej, CTO of TE Industrial, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting tacterion's compelling and innovative sensor technology. Megej emphasized the joint efforts to develop smart connector solutions that drive the digitalization of facilities and extend the application of plyon® technology to various industries. Michael Strohmayr, CEO of tacterion, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the robustness of their sensors even in harsh production environments. Daniel Strohmayr, CEO of tacterion, added that this partnership would bring intelligence and cost savings to the production floor, enabling a truly digitized Industry 4.0 landscape.

TE Connectivity and tacterion partner to revolutionize smart connector solutions
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