Our Vision

We believe that our technology should be accessible to everyone and adaptable to anything, under any condition. The most powerful technology in the world is technology that everyone can use. To work, create, communicate, stay in shape, and be entertained. So we don’t design products for some people or even most people. We design them for every single person. We believe in simplicity, not complexity.


Enabling the most natural haptic experiences in the field of Virtual Reality and Gaming.


Generating new possibilities in the field of transportation — how vehicles will react to the driver's behaviour and environmental conditions.


Enabling new methods for predictive maintenance and machine monitoring in spatially and physically challenging environments.


Changing the way people do sports and how they perceive their body and environment.


Removing mechanical and fragile control elements on any handheld device, making interactions more subtle and natural.


Improving the integrity of medical driven equipment to support the human body in a more natural way.

Making even the thinnest and most lightweight materials touch and pressure sensitive — without affecting their durability, flexibility or stretchability.


Generating highly immersive human-machine-interaction in any context.