Power Tools

Making power tools more intuitive and safer to use

Thanks to our integrated plyon module, you can now analyze the operator presence and force directly at the interface of power tool handles. By combining force sensors, readout electronics and by analyzing the generated data, we ensure safe handling and interaction without changing how employees work with the tools. Collect usage data to manage your fleet, detect misuse or simply use the generated data for predictive maintenance and pay per use business models.

Industrial Robotics

Giving robots a sense of touch

We can integrate our sensors together with miniaturized electronics directly into the jaws of your gripper. By doing so, we transform the passive and non-intelligent fingers of robots into sensing elements. These smart fingers provide relevant information to improve the way robots can be used and increase their efficiency. Robots now know, for example, if they are grasping an object or if they have lost it, they can also detect slippage and adjust their grip accordingly. This information is extremely useful for bin picking or pick-and-place applications. We have developed a proprietary smart gripping solution called taroki.


Automotive Interiors

Making the interior of cars tactile

Integrating plyon into automotive interior allows to create seamless interactive surfaces like the center console, dash panel or steering wheel. The robustness of plyon makes handling of abuse forces a problem of the past. The flexibility and low overall height of our sensors make the integration into curved surfaces possible and therefore provides designers and engineers with a whole new level of freedom. It is perfectly suited to be applied in morphing and deforming surfaces as our TrueZero technology ensures signal integrity during deformation. The integration into the steering wheel provides the required data to ensure a smooth transition of control - from driver to vehicle and back, safely adjusting the degree of assistance and automation.


Improving people’s health conditions

Thanks to plyon, various advances in healthcare are made possible. For example, patients can use or be equipped with devices having plyon inside to track the evolution of their health condition over time and therefore anticipate or adapt the need for a medical treatment. plyon also allows for the creation of new operating tools that enable surgeons to extend their sense of touch to areas their hands could not reach. Finally, plyon can prevent patient’s pain and medical complications as for instance in the treatment of decubitus.

Consumer Electronics

Making consumer electronics more human-centered

plyon allows the detailed analysis of interaction forces between the product and its user. It can be used to create new ways of interacting with the product and therefore make its surface smart. plyon enables a more immersive user experience (UX), for example thanks to the prediction of user intent based on touch interactions. Products and their users in the fields of AR, VR, smart home products, video games or robot assistants benefit greatly from this transformation.