A short introduction

tacterion was founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the German Aerospace Center.

The unique force and touch sensor technology plyon was developed as a sensor-skin for robotics which provides the sense of touch to products and machines. With a team of world class engineers, software developers, data scientists and industrial designers, tacterion develops smart surface solutions and smart components to enable the next generation of interactive and responsive products in the field of interactive handlebars, industrial robotics and consumer electronics. Together with its clients tacterion enables the tactile internet of the future.


of experience in sensor innovation, product development and interaction design.


of our technology platform. To constantly improve its properties and functions, enabling as many use cases as possible.


which have earned us several awards, including the German Innovation Award. Most important, however, to ensure innovation and progress.

We develop state of the art, tactile sensor elements. Standardized modules are directly sold through our store. High quantities can be modified for specific requirements.

We develop in-house products, which are enabled by our technology portfolio.

In order to enable a new product or improve an existing product, we develop new sensor modules in close collaboration with our customers. Based on their requirements and parameters, we solve problems together.

For complex applications, with a focus on robotics, we develop and sell adaptive sensor modules in collaboration with existing market leaders to further optimize processes and systems.

Our Competencies

Product & UX Design

Sensor Layouting

Module Development

Sensor Production

Module Implementation

Integrated Electronics Design

Software Development

Data Analytics