The story

tacterion was founded as a spin-off from German Aerospace Center (DLR) in 2015 and is on a strong expansion course. The technology is based on a profound background in materials science and polymer technology that was originally developed for Robotics applications and is protected by a number of patents. Once the technology was ready, the transfer towards industrial application was prepared at DLR. The founders team formed in 2014 to pursue the spin-off project. tacterion’s interdisciplinary team combines high-tech research and engineering with agile start-up culture and market orientation. Their endeavor was supported by the Helmholtz Enterprise fund as well as the German Aerospace Center (DLR). In the startup phase tacterion won several prizes and awards like the No. 1 Prize Winner of the Entrepreneurship Award of the European Robotics Forum in Vienna March 2015 or the Pioneers500 Pitch competition in the category "Materials & Manufacturing. Together with leading partners in manufacturing tacterion is currently working on preparing high volume production of the sensors. In mid 2016 tacterion took on board an investor to finance the company’s short- and mid-term growth. In 2017, tacterion will be an exhibitor at the Tech Fair of Cube Global.

Our values

At tacterion we are bringing the best of different worlds together. In our core we combine excellent German engineering with creative ingenuity and a very hands-on, customer-centric way of working. 

Creating Value together
Our engineers and designers are determined to deliver the best sensor solutions available to solve your task and by doing so enable you to create outstanding products with unique features. We provide a key ingredient to your future success: a revolutionary technology that, implemented into your products, leads to exceeding the expectations of your customers. 

Technology with character  
At tacterion we combine different perspectives: on the one hand we are looking for technological challenges and are driven to satisfy bold customer demands. We demonstrate that surfaces of objects can be sensitized and become intelligent where sensor application was not possible before. On the other hand we are focused on the human and are driven by the goal to make the interaction with technology as natural as possible. Today we expect devices to be self-explanatory - intuitiveness of interfaces has taken a big leap in the last 10 years. Nevertheless we think that this development will continue and even progress – supported by technologies like tacterion’s sensorskin. We will be disturbed less and less by clumsy interfaces or product design that diverts us from the activity we actually want to do. At tacterion we think that it is not technology but it is the human who should be in the center. With our technology and the joint creativity we make sure that your product needs no explanation and is built around your customers’ individual needs. We make sure that your customer can focus on whatever he or she likes doing best. Probably on living a good life.

Where do we go with you?
We aim to be the leading partner for companies that really want to make a difference in designing new products. In Human Machine Interaction this means that we enable the most intuitive haptic user interfaces. In Industry applications we are the partner of choice to think out of the box with. Together we deliver additional, data-driven customer benefit and reach new levels of efficiency in your applications. tacterion sensorskin is just the beginning. In the future we will develop adjacent technologies that make the interaction between human and technology even more intuitive. We pursue very ambitious goals: we don’t only want to change one product category or industry. But we aim to change how products work in different industries with the goal of a technology landscape that is more human-centered. Let’s work together to make this vision come true!