A highly flexible sensory layer
which can be applied to any surface
for making it touch sensitive.

sensorskin C.

sensorskin "Capacitive" is built for touch interaction, sensing and control.

sensorskin R.

sensorskin "Resistive" is built for analysis of grip, grasp and pressure force monitoring.

What our technology does

Enabling interactions

Develop new possibilities for interacting with products in your environment by making any surface touch sensitive.

Tracking forces

Monitor pressure distribution on highly complex geometries and deformable surfaces under spatial challenging conditions.

Connecting objects

Connect your products in the Internet Of Things utilizing their unique way of perception, through optimizing your interaction-network by individual modified data analysis.

Intuitive Interfaces

Using sensorskin you can make former inoperable surfaces intuitively usable and get access to a new way of interaction.

Optimized Controls

By implementing sensorskin you are able to improve or replace even outdated control elements, while tracking and analyzing specific ergonomic behaviours and models.

Surface Monitoring

Using sensorskin for tracking forces in a connected industry environment enables new layers of transparency and increases efficiency for predictive analytics.

What we do

We offer our worldwide unique sensor technology in integrated system solutions, completely customized for your application. We tailor hard- and software to your needs.

For creating the optimal User Experience we analyze your operational needs, information architecture and general navigation. Combining our technology and your industrial expertise we are able to revolutionize the way of interacting.


For achieving best results we set up joint development projects with you and our internal developer team for creating individual hardware solutions including the sensor, embedded electronics and mechanical integration support.

Data Management

Customized to your application we provide solutions ranging from raw data to highly sophisticated analysis software to provide real-time tactile interaction analysis. This way we can detect specific interactions, or analyze patterns over time to personalize your product.

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Our passion is to enable real innovation, to make your products stand out and define future industry standards. Implementing sensorskin is your step to offer your customers an incredibly sleek user experience. 

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