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Your talent, our philosophy

Our sensitive surface layers enable the next generation of truly interactive and responsive products. We believe that truly innovative products require a unique and strong team. Our team members are unique in their talents, in their working style and in how they shape their lives. We want tacterion to be a fulfilling part of a self-determined life. This is why we aspire to create an environment where everybody can work in the way that best suits their personality and allows them to deliver his or her best as part of a great team.

tacterion was founded by two brothers who have known each other their whole life – a unique way to set up a business. With their different perspectives, employment histories and personality, the Strohmayr brothers are determined to build one of the most exciting places to work. Their connection is carried by mutual respect for different disciplines and backgrounds and the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. They are united by the vision to make a difference for tacterion’s customers and tacterion’s employees. They believe that it takes courage to go off the beaten track, even if scary at first sight. But that way is the fastest way to grow as a person and an organization. In this sense, tacterion, still in an early phase of development, is now shaping its own destiny and is counting on the active contribution of every team member who shares these ideals and values.   

If you want to be part of this unique story, check out our open positions. We are looking forward to getting to know you!

What to expect?
Working with tacterion will be challenging for you! We are on the forefront of a worldwide unique technology development and we cannot rely on a broad resource base as corporate companies can. This is why each and every single team member counts so much. This is why there is a huge chance that you will be given more responsibility than you will ever receive in a regular job. Most likely you will work very close on a project with leading industry companies around the world – preparing their future innovations. Our early employees will grow into leading positions very quickly as our team grows. We have more project inquiries than we can handle. We don’t want our customers to wait any more for their next generation product. This is your chance – now is the time!

We have a great time ahead! Are you on board?