Crash detection rethought.

True spine impact and crash detection for gravity and dynamic sports. LIIF combines IMU based crash detection with impact force detection on body regions that matter most. It is an easy to use, retrofittable system which reliably classifies fatal crashes in highly dynamic environments. The system makes an emergency call even if the user is unconscious.

The LIIF sensor.

A thin, light and flexible sensor strip. It can be seamlessly integrated into existing protective sports gear, utilizing velcro or a clip-on. Not noticeable during the activity, essential in an emergency. Thanks to our self-calibrating sensor composition, false alarms are a thing of the past.

Stay connected, stay safe.

An app like a guardian angel. Stay connected with other skiers nearby and help them in case of an emergency. In case you had a crash, send automatic emergency signals to people nearby as well as to the local mountain rescue service.

Get help in seconds, not hours.

In case of an accident, other skiers nearby will receive a notification and can offer to help the injured person. If no suitable support is nearby or if the situation is too overwhelming, the local mountain rescue service will also be informed that an accident has occurred.

Navigation without the fuzz.

Applying a simple compass system, the helping person is navigated to the scene of the accident and guided through the rescue process step by step. Always with an option to call the local mountain rescue service for support.

In case you want to contact us.
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We are a spin-off of the sensor-manufacturer tacterion. If you have further questions or suggestions, you can reach us via the e-mail address mentioned above. For further information about our sensor technology itself, you can also visit the tacterion website. Thank you very much for your interest!