Integrating plyon®

At tacterion, we not only provide sensors, but we also have a great industrial design and engineering team focusing on integrating plyon into your applications. Our premises host the sensor production, a workshop with rapid prototyping equipment and an electronics lab. This allows us to quickly create demonstrators for your projects.  

To facilitate the integration of plyon (further to integrating it by gluing, bonding, etc.), we developed the "Integrated Plyon Module" (IPM™) as a solution to convert any object operated by hand into a smart device. IPM™ was at first designed for power tools, where the solution adds an extra layer of comfort and safety. It prevents the tool from being misused. Additionally, IPM™ can also be used in many electrically-powered-products (e.g. ebikes, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, etc.). Using IPM™ allows product designers to create new, more intuitive interaction concepts without the constraint to worry about sensor integration.


A seamless integration module for plyon.

IPM™ Features

The Integrated Plyon Module is designed to simplify assembly processes. Depending on the application, it can be provided as a turnkey module: flexible sensor with multiple sensing areas, cover plate and electronics all in one module. The module can be placed between injection molded parts and easily be clipped in, glued or screwed.

Precise Interaction
Two-Hand Detection
Human Presence