Integrating plyon®

A seamless integration module for plyon.

The IPM™ for handle pieces. For highly secure and truly intuitive interactions.

​IPM was primarily designed for power tools, where the solution adds an extra layer of safety. It prevents the tool from being used improperly. IPM can also be used in electrically-powered-products (e.g. e-bikes, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers). Using IPM allows to create new, more intuitive interaction concepts.
IPM helps to improve ergonomics or optimize fleet management by processing data about handling and usage, converting products into smart devices. Learn from relevant data directly at their source: the hands of the end-users.
It is designed to simplify assembly processes. It can be provided as a customized sensor or as a turnkey solution including flexible sensor with multiple sensing areas, cover plate and electronics all in one module. It can then be placed between injection molded parts and easily be clipped in. 


Power Tools

Making power tools more intuitive and safe to use.

Analyze operator presence, force and vibration directly at the interface of your power tool handle, by utilizing our integrated plyon interaction module. Our force analysis algorithms ensure safe handling and interaction without compromising the usability and efficiency.
Collect usage data to manage your fleet, detect misuse or overloading or simply use the generated data for predictive maintenance and pay per use business models.

Industrial Robotics

Teaching robotic grippers how to feel.

The sensor kit for robotic grippers, made by taroki, is the best option to extend your automation applications by adding the sense of touch. Create adaptive and reactive grasping strategies. Enable your grippers to analyze the properties of the object at hand and enhance the robustness of your bin picking solution. Measure patterns and intensity of the applied force and gain insights into your gripping process to increase reliability and productivity. Be inspired by industry use cases and get direct support from our developers.


Automotive Interior

Giving control elements in the automotive interior a new interaction modality.

Integrating plyon into automotive interior allows to create seamless interactive surfaces ranging from the center console to textile, leather and roof lining. Not only does plyon come at a unrivaled low profile, but also provides designers and engineers with a whole new level of freedom. It is perfectly suited to be applied in morphing and deforming surfaces as our TrueZero technology ensures signal integrity during deformation. The integration into the steering wheel provides the required data to ensure a smooth and unobstructed transition of control - from driver to vehicle and back, safely adjusting the degree of assistance and automation.

Consumer Electronics

An example of our consumer electronics division. A modular and highly customizable gaming controller. For optimized ergonomics and inclusion.

Providing valuable tactile data, the flexible force sensor plyon positions itself right at the interface of product digitization. plyon integrated modules allow for the detailed pressure analysis of interaction forces between object, product and user. It can be utilized to bolster an immersive UX and add a new level of information depth to yet analogue products. Aspiring fields like household robotics, VR guided exercises, smart home products and therefore their users will benefit greatly from this transformation. The technology will enable autonomous systems to navigate the unstructured and ever-changing environment of our homes, track the intensity of grip and grasp forces and can be used to predict user intent and enable safe and intuitive communication. Due to its enormous scalability, even large area applications like workout mats and accessories are possible.