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The new sensorskin experience kit!

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Introducing the tacterion SEK

With our experience kit tacterion’s sensor technology comes to your lab. Touch, feel and discover what’s possible with sensorskin.

The SEK includes a brand new sensorskin R2C2 sensor, all required electronics, and a tablet for visual output and analysis. It also comes with a material sample that can be cut into the desired shape for further prototyping.

The benefits of working with our SEK

Understand raw sensor data 

Combine sensorskin with other materials

Experiment with shape and size

Test sensor fitting in products

How the SEK facilitates collaboration

Get in touch with us via e-mail, phone or chat.

Agree on to our NDA and usage agreement

To ensure that you'll get the most out of our technology, every SEK comes with two workshops for prototyping and brainstorming new, innovative products.

With the workshop, your rental period of the SEK begins. If you want, we will also ship it to you.

Get started with your own sensorskin experience kit

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Ready to prototype new applications with our SEK?

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